Mansfield Frazier/Radio Host

While medical professionals, scientists, and other intelligent individuals caution that it’s far too soon — and indeed too monumentally dangerous — to relax social distancing just yet, those on the far right are clamoring to reopen the country and they are doing so with one particular intent: They want to complete their mission of assuring the uninterrupted continuation of white domination of America and if the country remains in the worse economic downturn since the Great Depression they are envisioning their dream slipping away — evaporating — right before their eyes.

To understand their trepidation we have to begin at the beginning.

No, not the beginning of time, but the beginning of the deep-seated fear on the far right that whites will not be able to maintain total control of the nation they contend they stole fair and square over the last few centuries. When the results of the 2000 Census were released almost two decades ago it was abundantly clear that by the year 2035 or so minorities would outnumber whites in America. It wasn’t long thereafter that the plot to prevent this loss of white control and domination began to crystallize and put in motion.

The principles under which our Constitutional Republic currently operate would have to radically alter to allow a form of American apartheid to be codified into law. As I’ve previously written, it was then conservatives — while the left was basically asleep at the wheel — managed to win control of most State Legislatures which was a critical step since 38 states have to consent in order for a change to the Constitution can be ratified. But these plotters still needed control of the federal government, and, as if by Divine Intervention — at least in their foggy minds — along comes tRump.

As Charles A. Murray, the infamous right-wing ideologue and pseudo social scientist said in a 2017 radio interview, “You don’t understand. We don’t particularly like Donald Trump. We are not defending his character or anything like that. He’s our murder weapon.” Indeed, the author of the “Bell Curve” and other junk science readily admits that tRump is just a clownish means to a dastardly end.

However, to complete their diabolical scheme of dominating America tRump has to be re-elected; no ifs, ands or buts about it. That’s the only way they can carry out their scheme. And for that to have a chance of happening the economy has to rebound before the election; and for that to happen the country has to reopen pretty soon … no matter how many additional deaths such a wicked move might cause.

So now pundits on the right are attempting to convince the American public in general (they don’t have to sell the idea to Trumpists) that since Americans are already dying from all types of accidents and sicknesses, a few extra deaths is a small price to pay to reopen the country, and thus ensure white domination.

Dunderhead “Dr.” Phil (god, do I literally detest that man!) recently stated that since more than 37,000 Americans die in car crashes each year, what’s the big deal that 30,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus? What he fails to say (and members of the newly organized right-wing death cults are too dumb to figure out) is that the 30,000 have died in less than two months, making the pandemic rate of death over six times higher than the rate from car crashes. Another fool mentioned the rate of accidental drowning in America (which stands at 3,536 annually) while failing to mention that drowning is not contagious. Duh.

The “end game” for the far right is to accurately answer the question “how will my white children, grandchildren, and their children’s children — indeed into eternity, continue to rule America?” And for them the answer is clear, and if 50,000 or even 100,000 more Americans have to die unnecessary deaths to achieve this goal, then, oh well.

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